For our studio, photography by our definition is more than capturing the moment or than expressing yourself, even more than a calling. It’s adrenaline, PASSION, art, a mixture of magic and reality. 

Kondella Misi Photography specialises in weddings as well as corporate events and lifestyle portraits with CONTEMPORARY, fashion-forward approach; we take the extra mile to capture the authentic mood, the most sentimental actions, especially the unforeseen, in-between moments in a magazine-worthy, EDITORIAL style. With our cosmopolitan attitude and experience, our team is the best fit for INTERNATIONAL and urban-style weddings, events and photoshoots.


Our wedding photography mix documentary-style and artistically stylish genre. The idea is to cover all occasions with special focus on the UNEXPECTED with a creative eye.

Corporate photography is crucial; running a business requires variable elements, such as planning the future or having a certain VISION. Your visual identity speaks volumes about who you are, so does ours. That is why your business and your event is the most important for us.

Portraits are reflections of who we are in life. Sometimes timeless ways to remember, sometimes the only possible mirrors we have. Let us capture the TRUE self of yours.

For you, hiring any photographer is easy. Finding a team, though, whom you ENTRUST with your feelings, your business, your event, your personalities or the most cherished moments of your loved ones can be complicated.

Therefore in case you feel you've found the vision and the spontaneity you want, feel free to CONTACT US now and let’s have a coffee together to discuss your photoshoot.







For all bookings and inquiries, feel free to contact us here or give us a call or whatsapp us at +36208246240

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