About the education

The aim of personalised education is to develop the photographer's visual and technical skills based on a curriculum designed to meet your needs and your current knowledge. Hence the topics and the specific agenda will provide you faster progress and ultimate know-hows to speed up your photography career.

The goal is simple: to help you with the most important areas in photography: manual control, post-production or flash use, anything you struggle with. There is no gibberish talk, no general truths, or universal commonplaces. Only two days, when your photography is in focus.

The following two pictures were taken in 2016 10 minutes apart at the Szabó Ervin Library. Typical “before-after” images: the difference is using 6 speedlights at the same time. Because using flashes is not a scary thing. It is an obtainable competence that can be easily integrated in your creative workflow - a different way of thinking, a new mindset.

Practice-oriented training

The second day of the two-day training is without exception, a practical training regardless of the subject. No matter we're talking about using speedlights on location, studio lighting or post-production, right after the introduction and the initial theories, practical tasks will follow. Since the essence of the training is tailor-made topics, we can focus on the possible shortcomings and the most necessary goals during the practice.

What's different from a workshop?

- coaching is not a group-based way of education, everyone has their own pace

- during the practical exercises, you get all my attention

- flexible schedule - according to your needs

- possibility to practice and repetition

Suggested topics:

The Ultimate guide to using speedlights:

  • Learning the basics about speedlights

  • On-camera and off-camera flash usage

  • How to mix natural light with flashes

  • Light modifiers (MagMod)

  • Single flash - Multiple solutions

  • Using multiple speedlights

  • Night portraits with flashes

Creative session in changing lights

  • Natural and artificial lighting

  • The connection between light and location

  • How to shoot in bad light and bad locations?

  • Street lights, night lights

  • Composition and exposure

Lightroom techniques in practice

  • The basics of LR (catalogs, panels, modules, etc.)

  • Sliders in Develop module - why and why not?

  • Color correction

  • The know-how of data storage

  • Tips & tricks to speed up your LR workflow

  • Goodies and gadgets for LR (Loupedeck)

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